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Why should I take my glaucoma drops? PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 20 October 2009 18:38
Why should you bother to take glaucoma drops? Many patients question the need for treatment, as glaucoma is a condition with few symptoms in the early stages, and in the later stages, visual field progression occurs often very slowly so patients are unaware of the change. The problem with glaucoma is that damage to the nerve, once it has occurred, is irreversible and cannot be recovered. Forgetting drops is likely to lead to an unmeasurable deterioration in the optic nerve, and - potentially - could speed up the time it takes to lose a further portion of the visual field. Eye drops are usually effective in lowering eye pressure, and therefore in preventing visual loss from glaucoma however they can have side effects and these can be the reason for patients "forgetting" to take drops. There are many other reasons for missing drops, the commonest being just forgetting, otherwise a common time to miss drops is when on holiday or during an illness. SLT offers a way of lowering IOP throughout the day and night, although often the IOP drop is not low enough to stop taking drops altogether.